Raiders of the Grey Gold (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Raiders of the Grey Gold

Surreal physical comedy from middle-aged Danish males

Part of a small tranche of Fringe shows from Denmark, this work by the company Don Gnu is a pleasurably surreal but also sometimes too self-indulgent physical comedy about ageing.

The three middle-aged men in it (including company founders Jannik Elkaer and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen) are muscular, slightly paunchy and eminently watchable. These guys have character – they're also very adept at slapstick acrobatics, including an early scene in which two of them conduct a passive-aggressive war over an old television set (Zimmer frames come in mighty handy here).

The show slides into increasingly off-the-wall territory, complete with slow-motion fistfights, exhibitionist dancing, lampshades on heads and a pretty good go-cart gag that takes advantage of back projection. A female vocalist and a male accordionist also make agreeable if, in truth, somewhat extraneous contributions to the proceedings.

It all adds up to likeable, good-humoured entertainment even if individual sequences become protracted, while too often the logic behind the laughs induced from us just flies out the window.

The closing moments are, we suspect, meant to be touching but there's simply not enough build-up for us to make much of an investment in the suggested onstage relationships.

ZOO Southside, until 10 Aug, 7pm, £13 (£2).

Raiders of the Grey Gold

  • 3 stars

Don Gnu – Physical Theatre and Film The dream of old age and the fear of reaching it! In a battle against time, the Danish theatre company Don Gnu throw themselves into a physical and blazing acrobatic quest for the grey gold and to find the beauty in the decay of time. Daredevil antics, musical poetry and humorous…