George Egg: Movable Feast (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

George Egg: Movable Feast

credit: Matt Lincoln

Whipping up three dishes and a bunch of gags

George Egg may be the hardest working comedian on the Fringe. No stationary position behind a mic stand for him. During the course of an hour he cooks three different dishes on stage and even finds time to fit some poetry in between the jokes. In previous years, the Anarchist Cook has raided his tool shed and hotel rooms for items to turn into cooking implements. This time he turns his attention to modes of transportation: taking planes, trains and cars as inspiration, Egg forages for ways in which to make food while travelling, using only the equipment he can cobble together on the way.

While demonstrating excellent culinary skills – which the audience are allowed to sample at the end – Egg keeps up a steady patter of gags planned around his magnificent props, offers plenty cooking tips as well as some, quite frankly, deranged life hacks. At the end of the hour, he's conjured up three delectable-sounding courses with the unlikeliest of methods.

Although some of the jokes are cheesier than an aged Parmigiano-Reggiano (and for some reason he thought it a good idea to use a butane torch in a heatwave), George Egg serves up one of the freshest experiences on the Fringe.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 25 Aug (not 12), 4.30pm, £10–£12.

George Egg: Movable Feast

  • 4 stars

Phil McIntyre Entertainments Brand-new comedy from the stand-up who cooks on stage. In this show he's on the road! It's time for planes, trains and automob-meals (sorry). George demonstrates how to cook with an engine, procure items from the train buffet trolley and turn unexpected roadworks into a picnic. Three plates of…