Platform: 2019 (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Platform: 2019

credit: Sally Jubb Photography

Edinburgh Art Festival's showcase of new talent

What's most striking about Platform: 2019 is the juxtaposition created through viewing contemporary artworks in an old space; an effect which is mirrored by the works on display, which reflect on the past while also contemplating the present. The exhibition presents four artists whose work is an eclectic mix, ranging across video, sculpture and printmaking.

Anna Danielewicz's work consists of a set of different sized chairs resembling those in the age-old Goldilocks tale, inviting visitors to sit and listen to her story Voun Town (about a fictional landfill settlement inhabited by non-human persons) through headphones, or to read a printed copy. Suds McKenna's sculptures represent grotesque human forms, which could have been selected from the hoards of people depicted in his three prints in the show. The prints nod to the past while also commenting on society today, as they have an uncanny resemblance and function to caricatures by the Dada artist Georg Grosz.

Harry Maberly's videos It's me, I'm Cathy! (2017) and Babooshka (2019) see the artist take on the persona of Kate Bush by recreating her videos for 'Wuthering Heights' (1978) and 'Babooshka' (1980), serving as a humorous exploration of fandom with a more serious undertone, questioning how far people will go to embody their idols. Joanne Dawson's wooden room divider is both a functional and aesthetic object which embodies both contemporary and traditional craft. A fantastic opportunity to see new works by emerging Scottish artists in a wonderful space.

The Fire Station at Edinburgh College of Art, until 25 Aug, free.

Platform: 2019

  • 4 stars

Platform is a dedicated showcase for Scotland based artists at the beginning of their careers. Our 2019 edition, selected by artists Monster Chetwynd and Toby Paterson, brings together new work by Anna Danielewicz, Joanne Dawson, Harry Maberly and Suds McKenna.   Driven by research into fantasy fiction and environmental…