Bach For Breakfast (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Bach For Breakfast

Relaxing and refreshing classical to kick start your day

The Royal Over-Seas League has been hosting recitals at the Fringe for 20 years, through a series of daily classical concerts promoting and showcasing young musical talent.

Bach for Breakfast is a mainstay of their repertoire. Each day has a different programme of works from a rotating roster of duos and solos (they also intersperse Bach with Beethoven for Breakfast every other day). This morning's performance featured the considerable talents of dexterous and expressive saxophonist Jonathan Radford (2018 Royal Over-Seas League Music Competition Gold medallist and first prize winner) and the fantastically accomplished New Zealand pianist, and ROSL regular, Stephen de Pledge.

Radford and de Pledge play together before each take a solo turn, then regroup as a duo to finish. As the saxophone didn't even exist in the 1700s, these are new arrangements, the sax taking up the oboe's lines of work by both Johann Sebastian and his son, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Bach for Breakfast offers an oasis of calm. A relaxing and refreshing way to recharge your batteries and reset before a day on the Fringe.

The Royal Scots Club, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16 Aug, 9.30am, £15 (£12).

Bach for Breakfast

  • 4 stars

Royal Over-Seas League A favourite of the ROSL Recital Series, Bach for Breakfast features the world’s finest young classical musicians performing some of the greatest works in the repertoire. Tickets include tea/coffee and biscuits. None