Eleanor Morton: Post-Morton (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Eleanor Morton: Post-Morton

Gentle material explores a misunderstood and misidentified generation

Eleanor Morton's stand-up focuses on the trials of being a twenty-something millennial, stuck between the freedom of childhood and the daunting responsibilities of adulthood. Millennials are a maligned generation, blamed for everything from ruining the diamond industry to buying too much avocado toast. They are also a misidentified generation since being born between, roughly, 1981 and 1996 means that the oldest are now closer to 40 than secondary school. Put in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they span from Tom Holland as Spider-Man (born in 1996) to Chris Evans as Captain America (née 1981).

The wide age range encompassed by post-teenager pre-adults means that Morton's meanderings on quotidian events will be familiar to many. Her accurate descriptions of the cringe-worthiness of hen parties, the difficulties of being close to someone with depression, and the Babe film franchise ring true, although the injection of some artistic license to add oomph to more of her punchlines would not go amiss.

In The Stand 4's quieter location away from the Old Town hubbub and offering a gentle blend of material that tasks neither the intellect nor the gag reflex of its audience, Morton's show is a very pleasant way to start the Fringe day.

The Stand 4, until 25 Aug (not 12, 19), 12.05pm, £10 (£9).

Eleanor Morton: Post-Morton

Eleanor Morton / The Stand Comedy Club A dissection of one of comedy’s rising stars. Razor-sharp humour from someone who doesn’t want to be the voice of her own opinions, let alone her generation. Morton’s uniquely surreal and witty comedy takes on everything between life and death, as she panics that other grown-ups have…