Chris McGlade: Forgiveness (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Chris McGlade: Forgiveness

How laughter helped with a family trauma

How do you ever process and get over the murder of your father, let alone forgive the perpetrator of the crime? That's the question Chris McGlade grapples with in his intimate new show, where he helps the audience get to know the man he knew as his father through a series of anecdotes about their life together, before detailing the aftermath of his brutal murder, and how his life has changed since.

McGlade begins by regaling us with tales of his early life in multicultural, 1970s Middlesbrough, where English and immigrant families lived, worked and laughed side by side. With an attitude inherited from his father, McGlade doesn't care about political correctness and several of his jokes sit uncomfortably given that we're not used to hearing certain language in our sanitised culture these days. But that's exactly the point he's trying to get across.

Laughter is the thread that runs through McGlade's show, and is how he got through this trauma so that he could forgive not only the murderer, but also his father, mother and, ultimately, himself. It's an introspective and thoughtful hour which isn't filled with thick-and-fast laughs, but McGlade is an assured performer and an engaging storyteller. He leaves you thinking about societal issues and whether there's anyone or anything we need to forgive in our own lives.

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, until 25 Aug, 9.15pm, donations at the venue.

Chris Mcglade: Forgiveness

  • 3 stars

Chris McGlade Following the murder of his father, hard hitting and critically acclaimed northern comedian Chris McGlade is attempting to lay to rest the ghosts that have haunted him ever since. This show, whilst telling the story of his dad's horrific murder, is also a funny, sincere, un- PC, no holds barred and touching…