Scummy Mummies (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Scummy Mummies

Warm and supportive set airing some pet parental peeves

Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn want to create a safe place for people just like them, who are less-than-perfect parents. Followers of their Scummy Mummies podcast (featured by The Sunday Times and Radio 4, with over 100,000 Instagram followers) snake a queue along the pavement beforehand. Scummy Mummies love gin in a tin, napping when they can and pissing without spectators. The almost 100% female crowd is in high-pitched (steaming) raptures as they list their peeves: fathers who talk about 'babysitting' their own kids, passy-aggy WhatsApp groups and swimming lessons.

On their podcast they chat with diverse guests about adoption, racism and motherhood's effect on creativity, but there's nothing so taxing tonight, just wine-fuelled rants about him indoors, dance skits in hot pink vagina catsuits and their erotic reimagining of CBeebies.

Gibson and Thorn's friendship is super warm; they've supported each other through six years of excellent highs and mortifying lows, and it's cute to see them hug it out, over the moon that they're doing their first Fringe show. Old-fashioned heteronormative stereotypes and clichés about women loving housework / hating sex run rampant, but their chummy support group isn't here to be progressive. In their words, a night off for their overworked fans is like 'a mini-break in Barcelona'.

Assembly George Square, until 25 Aug (not 12), 7.50pm, £12–£14 (£11–£13).

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Scummy Mummies

  • 3 stars

Phil McIntyre Entertainments Ltd by arrangement with NRH Management Join comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn as they celebrate the scummier side of parenting, from drinking wine at teatime to hiding from the PTA. Expect stand-up, sketches, songs and some very scummy stories. Guaranteed to make parents laugh and…