Nigel Ng: Culture Shocked (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Nigel Ng: Culture Shocked

British mores are gently mocked by a smooth operator

If Malaysia has been on the look-out for its very own Jerry Seinfeld, then there's a good chance Nigel Ng could eventually be the man for that job. His slickly performed and technically astute observations on the differences between East and West are so crafted and riven with a sense of pained disbelief about trivial human nonsense that you might well start to hear 'what's the deal with … ?' before each new bit (none more so than when he talks about the curious possibilities of the Boots Meal Deal).

There's nothing mean-spirited about Ng, with his affection for the UK he has happily settled in clear, but his pained incredulity about YO! Sushi, Butlin's and Wagamama lead to nice routines which play to an audience that's pleasingly more diverse than your average Fringe crowd.

He has plenty of jolly chat on tap for interactions with East Asian latecomers and some well-heeled Brits in his front row. But nothing gets in the way of Ng's prepared material as he plunges headlong back into the jokes which only threaten to get vaguely serious when he discusses the Other category on passport applications. But fear not, there's a carefully chiselled section just around the corner about the different ways in which rice is packaged across the cultures. What's the deal with that?

Pleasance Courtyard, until 25 Aug (not 12), 6.45pm, £7.50–£10 (£6.50–£9).

Nigel Ng: Culture Shocked

  • 3 stars

Off The Kerb Productions Nigel Ng (as seen on Comedy Central's Standup Central, Roast Battle) brings you on a joyous romp through his life in the UK as a Malaysian immigrant. See him tackle topics close to his heart, both big and small, from 'how to retain one's cultural identity when in a foreign land?' to 'is Wagamama…