Feast of Fools (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Feast of Fools

Engaging storyteller feeds the imagination

Welcome to dinner with storyteller Daniel Serridge, whose compact, in-the-round show is marked out by a circle of paper plates on the floor, with coloured pens in place of cutlery. No actual eating will be going on during our hour-long banquet, but the intention is to let our imaginations feast until we leave the room filled with hunger – or feeling like we might never eat again.

We begin with a choice of two story menus, helpfully paraded by Serridge on a sandwich board while we vote for the one we'd like to see performed; it's close – but not that close – in favour of the 'disgusting' menu over the 'delicious' one. His trio of story courses are sourced from Hungary (he notes the irony), Syria and Japan, and adapted to suit a local palate.

The advertised disgusting menu ('sadly democracy means you don't always get what you want,' he says to the 'delicious'-voting kids, with a nod in the direction of the grown-ups) is delivered to just the right level of gross-out, with some mild audience participation and creativity called upon amid stories of a marauding pork pudding, the interruption of a wealthy sultan's banquet in unappetising style, and a raccoon which lives in a kettle.

Throughout, our host is as quick-witted and captivating as any young audience demands.

Scottish Storytelling Centre, until 18 Aug (not 13 & 14), 1.30pm, £8 (£6).

Feast of Fools

  • 4 stars

Daniel Serridge Ever poured gravy into your hat? Eaten next to a Sultan? Had a dinner party with the devil? Well now’s your chance. The Feast of Fools will make this happen and more in one of the most unusual feeds you’ll ever have. Join storyteller Daniel Serridge at his dinner table of foolishness as he regales you with…