Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing

Everything exists for a reason in Dane's latest fine hour

What is it about the Danes and their plot structures? The framework of Sofie Hagen's latest show The Bumswing (yes, that title is given an explanation but it's best heard in person) is so intricately played out that it makes The Killing look like it was created by amateurs.

Red herrings are flung about all over the place as Hagen wrestles with her unreliable memory: she can't recall anything from her first ten years. So with holes in her tale she tries to piece together the details of a sex holiday in Swansea and exactly what it was she did at the age of 12. Previous shows have addressed her anxiety, depression and traumas, but in this one she promises to be more upbeat. The Bumswing is not entirely without its pathos but it gives meat to the set rather than being the focus of it. Hagen seems in a good place personally, while comedically she's flying high.

Material about the differences between excessive British politeness and Danish bluntness seem like throwaway observational gags at the top of the hour, but everything has a purpose in this beautifully created narrative with an apparently deliciously unreliable narrator.

Pleasance Dome, until 25 Aug (not 12), 7pm, £10–£14 (£9–£13).

Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing

  • 4 stars

The Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer winner is back with a comedy show about memory and swings specifically for bums.