Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas

credit: Alan Powdrill

Ridiculous ride into family-friendly silliness

Olaf Falafel is back and as daft as ever. This year we're all on an international space station with the crowd good-naturedly playing along. The catering staff choose a cheese for the sandwiches, Patricia (possibly not his real name) on the front row is captain and there's an engineer in the second row.

But who would not get involved? This tall, endearing Swede sells his childlike nonsense to us with aplomb, plus his audience interaction is of the most gentle kind. In this early show of the run, the energy dips a touch halfway through but is soon cranked up again, with many big laugh-out-loud moments featuring cats and bagpipes while the human factory reset button is revealed.

It's a bonus that it's family-friendly, though as Falafel points out, the kids might struggle with the references to Phil Collins or MC Hammer (who is working in the art gallery), plus there's a cheeky interactive bit where they might learn a new phrase. Elsewhere there's the return of Biscuitology personality predictions in a cunning new form and the philosophy shopkeeper is on hand for some wise words. A magical ride into the ridiculous.

Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree, until 25 Aug (not 13), 2.50pm, donations at the venue.

Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas

  • 4 stars

Olaf Falafel Critically acclaimed idiot Olaf Falafel is back once again like a renegade master. If you've been to any of his previous shows, you'll know exactly what to expect – inventive jokes and stupid comedic leftfieldery all held together with the flimsiest of narrative structures. 'Absurdity so well-crafted that…