Jayne Edwards is Top Bodybuilder Brian (3 stars)

This article is from 2019

Jayne Edwards is Top Bodybuilder Brian

credit: Fox Dog Studios

Pleasantly daft if not particularly in-depth character comedy

Taking to the stage wearing an England baseball cap, crop top and badly-drawn tattoos, Welsh bodybuilder Brian is a sight to behold. Brian (winningly performed by comedian Jayne Edwards) proceeds to tell his life story, letting us in on how he lost his wife, put on weight and embarked on a career as a stand-up comedian 'to pay off a whey protein debt'.

Bodybuilder Brian is not a studied character but Edwards succeeds with levity, charm and a knowing smile. Although the quality of her material is variable, it's hard to avoid getting caught up in the fun and, as she delivers her best punchlines, it seems there's a real chance she'll just lose it and burst out laughing.

Edwards is accompanied by some short video sequences, including an impressively constructed claymation nightmare. And while there isn't much depth to the character, we discover that Brian is a Brexit supporter extolling the power of 'sovereignty', while clearly not understanding what the word actually means. Throughout the whole show Edwards feeds off her appreciative audience, and while it's roughshod and sketchy, there are some fun lines and daft moments.

Heroes @ Dragonfly, until 25 Aug (not 15), 10pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Jayne Edwards Is Top Bodybuilder Brian

  • 3 stars

Jayne Edwards Top Bodybuilder Brian will demonstrate that shadow boxing outside Paddy Power can be a lifestyle choice. From the mind of weird comedian Jayne Edwards (as seen on BBC Three), comes a multidisciplinary and extremely silly comedy show about loss (wife), gain (weight) and whey protein. A lo-fi spectacle with a…