Giants are Fjӧrd (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Giants are Fjord

Naff charm and big 80s flourishes from 'Scandi' duo

Things get 'a little goddam crasy', when Norwegian Eurodance act Fjӧrd come to play what they believe is 'Scotland's Glastonbury' in a shipping container at the Pleasance. 'Say goodbye to the roof, feel free to vape', they smoothly suggest to a slightly stunned crowd, before sliding into the 'big in Bolivia' hits from their hot back catalogue. Their own biggest, obsessive fans, Will Hislop and Barney Fishwick, collect a few new ones with this loving flashback to the glory days of the Vengaboys and Basshunter.

Casually dressed in white polo neck and matching slip-on shoes, Lars is an unapologetic fiend for his butterscotch e-cigarette, and 'identical twin' Ulrich claims to have been to lots of 'naughty parties' with 'shorties', when the reality seems to be one car-crash fling with Gabriela from the Cheeky Girls. The Fjӧrd double act has popped up for a cameo in previous Fringe sketch shows from the old friends and excellent comedy partners, but justifies a full show here, with musical sections including a vocoder-laden scene from a sci-fi, futuristic Oslo and a big, earnest, 80s synth-banger finish.

In pop-star documentary style, the beautiful bromance upon which Fjӧrd's success is built has its dark secrets, and bitter vibes grow onstage, sometimes mid-duet. The Harry Potter musical interlude bit may be lost on some (maybe it was added in for the family-friendly, afternoon time-slot?), but the pair carry off even their clunkiest lines (and unexpected technical blips) with total assuredness, effortlessly spinning 6-karat gold live onstage as things go wrong.

When a member of staff leaves the shipping container, straight after a touching a capella ballad on mouth organ and acoustic guitar, Lars nods knowingly, realising it was probably 'too much for some'. Delusional dreamboats with beer bottles in holsters, Fjӧrd's naff charms could melt glacier hearts.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 25 Aug (not 13), 4.30pm, £9.50–£11.50 (£8.50–£10.50).

Giants Are Fjörd

  • 4 stars

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