Such Filthy F*cks (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Such Filthy F*cks

Laughter that hides the shame

Online porn addiction – and whether it's even an addiction at all – is the focus of Oli Forsyth's fast-paced yet considered two-hander for Smoke & Oakum Theatre. He tackles the subject with unforgiving honesty, never shying away from squirm-inducing detail, but painting a generally convincing picture of individuals on the verge of sacrificing real-life intimacy, in all its messy imperfections, for the convenience of online satisfaction.

Luka is a scientist in a pharmaceutical firm, about to lose her high-pressure job when her boss discovers she's been spending hours getting off to porn courtesy of the company's networks. When she meets – and, it seems, develops a genuine affection for – fellow addict Jules, they forge an informal pact to give up their online compulsions. Until, that is, Luka ends up alone in San Francisco at a medical conference.

Alice McCarthy has some nicely cynical wisecracks as a seen-it-all-before Luka, and Olivier Huband is strong and versatile across several roles. Forsyth's terse script bristles with energy and gags, and it's propelled along nicely in his own pacy direction. Such Filthy F*cks raises plenty of laughs – of embarrassed recognition or of sheer awkwardness. But as an examination of the fragility of human attraction when an orgasm is only a click away, it also has plenty to say. (David Kettle)

Pleasance Dome, until 26 Aug, 4.10pm, £9–£11 (£8–£10).

Such Filthy F*cks

  • 4 stars

Smoke and Oakum Theatre Such Filthy F cks, by Oli Forsyth, is the seventh play by the award-winning Smoke and Oakum Theatre. It takes us into the fractured and fast-changing world of Jules and Luka, two ordinary people, desperately trying to connect with each other and live normal lives, but all while completely and…