Courtney Pauroso: A dark clowny treat developed by Doctor Brown

This article is from 2019

Courtney Pauroso

The American comedian makes her much-anticipated Fringe debut at this character clown and burlesque show

When you hear that a show is being brought to us by the people who produced Natalie Palamides' Laid and Nate, and has been developed with the assistance of Doctor Brown, you get a sense of what might be in store. Courtney Pauroso's Gutterplum promises a character clowning show, a spot of burlesque and feminist allegory to comprise a 'surreal and stupid heart-warming hour of ground-breaking comedy'.

Already firmly established on the list of many fellow Fringe comedians' must-see shows, Pauroso has stayed largely under the pre-publicity radar ahead of August, with just some old clips floating around of her eating a burrito and doing a spoof character reel (it certainly had some people fooled believing they were witnessing an actress having a proper meltdown as she becomes increasingly more frustrated at her creations being 'forced' and 'not organic'). A dark treat surely awaits. Mark Ronson saw an early version of Gutterplum in LA and loved it, if that's something which might influence your show-going behaviour.

Underbelly Cowgate, 3–25 Aug (not 13), 9.40pm, £11–£12 (£10–£11). Previews 1 & 2 Aug, £6.50.

Courtney Pauroso: Gutterplum

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Soho Theatre Developed with Dr Brown and from the producers of the smash-hit award-winning shows Nate and Laid. American comedian Courtney Pauroso makes her Edinburgh Fringe debut with a character clown show (definitely), burlesque show (eventually) and feminist allegory (sure, probably) all rolled into one surreal and…