Goodbear: Dougal (4 stars)

This article is from 2019

Goodbear: Dougal

credit: James Deacon

Clever, meta, cool sketch comedy

Apparently at the top of the show, the Goodbear guys are nowhere to be found. Instead Joe and Henry who work at the venue are going to fill in. Joe is nervy and Henry disrespectful of authority but the pair turn out to be surprisingly skilled …

Joe Barnes and Henry Perryment (see what they did there?) have returned to the Fringe after a break last year. Like the shift from their reluctant understudy alter egos, the movement from one scene to the next in Dougal is a subtle one. Their show begins with Henry's imaginary gun and a competition as to who can fake the best death. Then off it runs dipping into filmic sequences, surprisingly sentient chimps and sinister puppets while occasionally swinging back to the pretence of the absent performers.

The sketches, if indeed you can call them that, don't necessarily have the strongest of actual punch-lines but weirdly that doesn't matter. Slinking into the next skit before you know it, the overall effect is simply mesmerising. The most bizarre and off-the-wall sections are suddenly and wildly hilarious. It's clever, meta (which of course they signpost themselves at one point) and positively oozes cool.

Pleasance Dome, until 25 Aug (not 14), 9.40pm, £9.50–£13 (£8.50–£12).

Goodbear: Dougal

  • 4 stars

DugOut Theatre and Noel Gay Management Critically acclaimed sketch duo Goodbear are back! Join Henry Perryment and Joe Barnes for their biggest show yet. Featuring Goodbear's trademark combination of hilarious characters, extraordinary physical comedy and an original score, expect a show that is 'very funny' (Telegraph)…