Oasissy: 'This is our excuse to behave like madferrit cunts'

This article is from 2019

Oasissy: 'This is our excuse to behave like madferrit cunts'

credit: Tiu Makkonen

A woke, queer, feminist vision of the Gallagher brothers bring you into their monobrowed world

'We call ourselves drag clowns,' say Kirsty Biff and Annabel Cooper. They perform together as Oasissy, not so much a straight Stars in Their Eyes tribute to the Gallagher Brothers, but definitely maybe a monobrowed, queer cabaret double act poking lairy fun at their problematic heroes.

'We play these madferrit fannies,' laughs Cooper. 'We're trying to reclaim them as queer icons, which Noel and Liam Gallagher are absolutely not.' Cooper has seen Oasis live seven times and Biff loved the band's tapes in primary school, but also remembers being freaked out by paparazzi stories of the brothers constantly having punch-ups.

'There's this tension onstage over which one of us is Noel and which is Liam; that's part of it, the famous brotherly rivalry,' says Biff. 'We've kind of swallowed them whole and regurgitated them, trying to find vulnerabilities in amongst the laddie stuff. Then there are bits where we peek through, and woke, modern, queer feminist ideas slip in … and anything can happen!'

After being supported by street-theatre company Surge, the pair have been performing Oasissy around festivals, in the street and at queer cabaret nights since 2018. They're now curating their first, very own cabaret for four nights on the opening and closing Fringe weekends, featuring 'a Wonderwall line-up of queer cabaret superstars from Scotland and beyond.'

Come on down for mint live performances between 11pm and 1am, with expert crowd fluffers and DJs til 5am. Expect acts including Alfie Ordinary ('an award-winning drag prince'), Queeresa Gay ('taking the edge off your Brexit blues'), club kid comedienne Georgia Tasda popping in after her own CC Blooms show, plus Shrek 666, the ogre-babe / resident act at Glasgow queer club Shoot Your Shot.

'We want to create a safe, fun and madferrit space for curious Fringe revellers and LGBTQIA folx in August,' says Biff. 'Oasissy is our excuse to behave like madferrit cunts, while booking artists who we love, with bang-on politics. Join us for queer cabaret mischief!'

Late Night Patter Party, Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, 2 & 3 Aug, 23 & 24 Aug, 10pm–5am, free.

Late Night Patter Party

Late-night cavalcade of diverse acts from across the festival. Curated by Paradise Palms.