5 Questions - Kittie Klaw

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  • 7 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

Kittie Klaw

As High Tease descends on Edinburgh for three nights of frisky ‘Battle of Burlesque’ cabaret, we talk to the doyenne of feline femininity that is the ever-so-charming Kittie Klaw

5 words to describe the High Tease experience
‘Uproarious revue of subversive wit’ or ‘witty, subversive, glamorous, high comedy’.

4 things you love about the acts on the bill
The originality and diversity of the individual performers coupled with a creative team spirit and experimental attitude.

3 things you love about Edinburgh during the Festival
The opportunity, the melting pot of ideas in action that is the Festival and of course, the scenery

2 you hate about Edinburgh in August
There is nothing I hate, but it could do without the biting wind that takes you by surprise and secondly, the predictable few back-biting promoters who try to sabotage other people’s events.

1 thing you would change about the late-night Festival scene
Nothing! The Edinburgh Festival is wonderful because it is exactly so.

Ministry of Burlesque presents: High Tease, The Voodoo Room, 556 7060, 7–9 Aug, 8.30pm-late, £15.

The Ministry of Burlesque presents: High Tease

The UK's oldest burlesque organisation present this night 'burlesque as it was and as it should be'.

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