Suzi Ruffell: 'For years I was doing an impression of what a comic was'

This article is from 2019

Suzi Ruffell: 'For years I was doing an impression of what a comic was'

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With a few strong Edinburgh Fringes under her belt, Suzi Ruffell looks set for a big August this time around. But can she still be brilliantly funny if she's happier now?

Your 2019 show is called Dance Like Everyone's Watching, a title that suggests a certain level of bravado? Have you always been someone who has likes to show off a bit?
There's a level of shame around that, at school you were told 'don't show off, don't do that'. But that's the only thing I've ever really been good at. Everyone shows off in their own way. People who are super smart show off by being able to do a crossword really quickly. We like showing off our talents, regardless of what our talents are. We like to impress people and that's how we flirt with people or make friends by doing our own little bit of showing off.

Your previous shows have tackled some tough moments in your life and the fact that you're a born worrier. But this show seems to suggest you're a bit happier now?
I'm definitely happier than I have been for a long time but I can't stop being who I am. So my worries now might be about starting a family and what will that mean and what that child's life might be like in this world. I can't stop being me. I'm the kind of comic who does confessional stuff and talks about their overactive brain on stage. I am still a worrier. But I hope I'm still funny though.

What have you learned about yourself as a comic in the last few years?
The first five years of me doing stand-up was me doing an impression of what a comic was. It changed when I started being confident enough to get up on stage and talk about stuff that had affected me rather than just go on with these polished routines.

Edinburgh wouldn't be Edinburgh without constant talk of awards. Could this be your year for a little nomination?
We all say that we don't really care because that's what we're meant to say. I don't know if an award on my mantelpiece (who am I kidding, I haven't got a fire) is more important than people tweeting me and saying 'oh my god, your show is tomorrow and I'm so excited!' To me, that's what it's all about.

Suzi Ruffell: Dance Like Everyone's Watching, Pleasance Courtyard, 3–25 Aug (not 12), 8.30pm, £8.50–£11 (£7.50–£10). Previews 31 Jul–2 Aug, £6.

Suzi Ruffell: Dance Like Everyone's Watching

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The comedian discusses her currently happy state of being, and whether comedy can only arise out of misery.