Jack Tucker: 'I've seen a lot of comedians in my day, but nobody was as funny as my uncle Tony, aka Uncle Tony'

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  • 19 July 2019

This article is from 2019

Jack Tucker

credit: Dylan Woodley

Zach Zucker's creation, Jack Tucker, chats about his favourite comedian before what he is certain will be the greatest comedy show you'll ever see hits Edinburgh

Astonishingly killer character comedy Jack Tucker: Comedy Stand-Up Hour sees Zach Zucker lampoon every bad joke and hack comic in the book with conviction that has had audiences as extremely baffled, as they are entertained.

I've seen a lot of comedians in my day, but nobody was as funny as my uncle Tony, aka Uncle Tony. This guy was freakin hilarious – he's actually the reason I got into comedy in the first place. He was a mechanic in The Bronx, and I used to go down to his auto shop after school to hang out with him and his friends. These guys were always playin' jokes on each other and havin' a good time together. Ya know, the classics – fartin' the ABC's, fartin' to 100, fartin' the national anthem (with respect) – it was a comedy masterclass. Sometimes they pushed the limits and went a bit too far. There were some real unsavoury characters down there. They used to say words I never heard before, words that I still wouldn't dare repeat, like underw*ar and bre*sts. But boy were they funny.

They were always havin' a laugh and playing pranks on each other. I was only a kid at the time, but I felt more comfortable with them than I did with the kids at school. I struggled a lot in class and never really understood the whole 'reading and righting' thing. That's why as soon as the bell rang, I was out the door, through the door, and off to Tony's Auto Boddy. I remember this one time, this guy came in with a busted bumper and asked my Uncle Tony how much it would cost to fix it. He looked at the guy, looked over at the car, looked at his buddies, looked back at the guy, and let out the loudest fart I ever heard in my life!!!!! It was like the whole world stood still as the sound ripped through the body shop. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at my uncle (Tony) and cracked up!! We all cracked up for a good 30-40 minutes. I still crack up just thinking about it!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

I really miss Uncle Tony, he always believed in me being a comedian. He said I had something special way back then and look at me now – I'm going all the way to Edinburgh from historic New York City to share my comedy jokes with the great people of England! It's a dream come true for 'ol Jackie, I just wish my uncle Tony was around to see it … I really miss him. One day I'll get to see him again, on the big stage in the sky, along with all the other greats: Richie Prior, George Carlton, Rodney Dangermouse … and Tony Tucker! All of them farting and laughing and farting and laughing and farting some more. The thought brings a tear to my eye. I'm sad that I'm never gonna see him again, 'cause he lives in Boston now and you couldn't pay me a hundred bucks to head over to that disgusting hell hole!!! SO YEAH probably my favourite comic of all time is my Uncle Tony, and thank you for asking. Yabbadabbadoooo!!!

Jack Tucker: Comedy Stand-Up Hour, Underbelly, Cowgate, 3–25 Aug (not 14), 9.20pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10). Previews 1 & 2 Aug, £6.50.

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