Gingzilla: 'My mission is to playfully deconstruct the binaries and polarities of life'

This article is from 2019

Gingzilla: 'My mission is to playfully deconstruct the binaries and polarities of life'

credit: Scott Chalmers

She may now be a viral sensation but the seven-foot Australian drag giant and crimson queen will always be a Fringe favourite

'Every year, my motto is to go BIG or go home!' proclaims Australian drag superstar Gingzilla. As well as being a fan favourite among cabaret circuits, the self-described 'Glamonster' recently became a viral sensation when her audition on America's Got Talent stunned audiences around the world. 'My mission is to playfully deconstruct the binaries and polarities of life,' she says, 'creating experiences of outrageous joy and vulnerability, holding up a mirror to show the audience a reflection of themselves and then smashing it to wake them up.'

With drag quickly becoming a colossal force in popular culture, Gingzilla believes that freedom of creative expression is what people respond to most. 'Everyday life can be mundane and boring; drag gives people a chance to loosen up and see the world as a wondrous ball of colour and excitement.'

Life as a drag queen has certainly been anything but mundane for Gingzilla over the past few years. 'Three years ago, I started doing drag with a bra and a pair of suction pants from Primark. Now I'm being flown around the world to perform and spread my joy. My passion project Late Night Lip Service is in its third year, SQUAD GOALS, a new trio show with my sisters Cazeleon and Seann Miley Moore is about to premiere in London, and I'm creating a Christmas album.'

Despite having plenty going on, Ging can't wait to return to Edinburgh with a smash-hit, raucous variety show where she will once again host a wild two hours of fabulous guest line-ups, live performances, lip-sync battles and more. 'Man, I am cooking up an extravaganza to end them all!' she insists. 'I'm working with a musical director, costume designers and, of course, my out-of-box brain to come up with an experience that will leave you bursting with joy.' It may be bigger and better than ever but this Glamonster will never forget her roots. 'Three years have gone by and my looks are being refined but I still use the same suction pants. Can't beat 'em!'

Late Night Lip Service, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Edinburgh, 3, 8–10, 15–18, 22–24 Aug, 11.30pm, £12.50. Preview 2 Aug, £10.

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