Five Questions: Paul Foot

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  • 7 August 2008

This article is from 2008.

Paul Foot

A late and dramatic entry to the Fringe programme, Paul Foot brings us a show entitled Off (The Top of/With)* His Head: *Delete One or Both As Applicable. Quite.

What five words best describe your show this year?

Dramatic, dangerous, inspiring, silly, preposterous.

Which comics should be more famous than they are now?

Brian Gittins, Angelos Eppethemiu, Robert White.

What do you love most about Edinburgh in August?

I like the gorgeous warmth of the sun one minute and sheltering from a rain storm the next.

Which dead comic do you wish was still alive?

Tommy Cooper. He oozed funniness from every orifice, I’m told. If you watch his old performances, even his leg is doing something funny. You can watch his whole act just from the point of view of that leg.

What would you change about the comedy world?

I would make it so that it was organised like the British Empire, with me as the benevolent king. I would be addressed as His Comedic Majesty, and all would bow before me. Failing that, I’d up the wages by £1.35.

Holyrood Too @ Faith, 225 9764, 12–21 Aug, 5pm, £6 (£5).

Paul Foot

The dapper Paul Foot, woos the audience with his slow-burning style and increasingly confident delivery.

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