Richard Jenkins - Exclusive interview

This article is from 2008.

Richard Jenkins in The Visitor

Richard Jenkins in The Visitor

Richard Jenkins interviewed by Paul Dale

At this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival I had the great pleasure of grabbing a chat with the American actor, and proud son of Illinois, Richard Jenkins.

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I have been a great admirer of Jenkins work as a character actor since his marginal turns in Lawrence Kasden's 1985 western Silverado, Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters and George Miller's The Witches of Eastwick. Real fame, however, came late for Jenkins in the shape of the TV series Six Feet Under in which he chew up the scenery as clearly insane dead patriarch Nathaniel Fisher.

Jenkins was in town to promote Thomas 'The Station Agent' McCarthy's wonderful new film The Visitor in which Jenkins finally achieves leading man status at the grand age of 60 years old. It's a moving film about grief, love, music and America's draconian immigration policies.

On the day I met him, Jenkins was jetlagged, laconic and clearly a little shocked by how much attention he was getting for what is essentially a small art house film. Despite this he came across as kind and funny as he spoke about The Visitor and his soon to be released projects with Sean Cashback Ellis and the Coen brothers.

Anyway, judge for yourself and listen to this exclusive unedited interview.

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