Big Fat Bribe Blog: Hit us with your best Fringe bribe!

This article is from 2019

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Hit us with your best Fringe bribe!

The List's Big Fat Bribe Blog is back and we might just cover your show if you send us something juicy

We get it, 2019 has been a scary year. Britain's relationship with the European Union has had more break-up threats than Love Island and injustices seem to be constantly happening all over the world.

Here at The List, we've been looking forward to a little respite from all the terrible things going on around us. Since there are only so many Gregg's vegan sausage rolls and Keanu Reeves memes we can consume on any given day, the Big Fat Bribe is the next best thing. So our post box is now officially open for bribes from Fringe performers.

No pressure.

As we prepare to mumble our way through the crowded Edinburgh streets on our way to shows, gaining sustenance only from loose snacks found amongst the umpteen flyers in our bags and energy drinks to keep our writing juices flowing, the Big Fat Bribe Blog is what keeps us going.

You can take that very literally if you so desire and follow the kind souls that, in previous years, have sent us a lemon drizzle cake and some tasty flying saucers (no diets survive in the List office during the Fringe). You can even go a bit more on the naughty side (but not too much, please. We would very much like to make it to the end of August untraumatized) and take inspiration from the folk who treated us to a piñata full of sex toys and a bum-shaped trophy. All bets are off and if your bribe makes us giggle, we will treat you to some free coverage for your show here on the blog, social media channels and perhaps even our festival issues.

Get your creative juices going and pack those parcels neatly (with nothing that would mentally scar your local mail worker, mind you, or get us arrested. No one in the office is looking to recreate Brad Pitt's 'What's in the box?' scene from Se7en either). We are waiting to see the best you can do.

Send your bribes to:

The Keeper of the Bribes
The List
Tweeddale Court
14 High Street

Bribe our hearts out. You know you want to.