Camille: the Dark Angel

This article is from 2008

Camille: the Dark Angel

Some festival veterans would appear to be gluttons for punishment, others just seem to return again and again only to grow in stature. Dublin’s Camille O’Sullivan is very much of the latter category and is among the most celebrated and cherished of Fringe regulars. Rightly so too. Her dark, luscious interpretations of the songs of Brel, Cave, Waits, Bowie and many more shoot a breathtaking glam thunderbolt through the hordes of landfill comedy cluttering the city.

She’s conquered Sydney Opera House and Glastonbury of late so this meaty run at Queen’s Hall should be a cinch.

Queen’s Hall, 668 3456, 4-13 Aug, 10pm, £15-16.

Camille O'Sullivan

Stunning voice and passionate performances of work from the likes of Nick Cave, David Bowie and Jacques Brel.