Stu Brown's Raymond Scott Project

This article is from 2008

Stu Brown's Raymond Scott Project

Reviving a forgotten genius

Drummer Stu Brown regards American pianist Raymond Scott as one of the great unrecognised musical geniuses of the 20th century, and has dedicated this project to performing the unique and often zany music of the man whose compositions earned him a cult reputation for cartoon music in the 1940s even though they weren’t actually written for that purpose.

Scott also developed the world’s first electronic sequencer, but remains largely unknown. Stu claims that the six-piece Project ‘is currently the only band in the world playing a programme consisting exclusively of Raymond Scott’s music.’ The Project made their debut in the Britannia Panopticon Theatre at the Glasgow Jazz Festival, and has a second outing here as part of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival’s Scottish Jazz Expo.

The Lot, 31 Jul, 9.30pm, £9.50.

Stu Brown Sextet: Raymond Scott Project

Drummer Stu Brown leads this brilliant celebration of the offbeat musical world of Raymond Scott, the innovative composer and electronic music pioneer whose 30s compositions were later taken up by cartoon composers from Warner Brothers' Carl Stalling to The Simpsons.

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