This article is from 2008.


Indie magic from spanking new mini-fest

In recent years mini-festivals Planet Pop and Tigerfest have sought to showcase local artists to Fringe visitors, before eventually folding or changing date and location. Now it’s Retreat!’s turn to try and demonstrate some staying power, with a line-up even more lo-fi and locally-focused than any of its predecessors.

The first week’s shows feature the gentle might of Rob St John and Emily Scott (4 Aug), and folky Fence Collectivites The Pictish Trail, Button Series and HMS Ginafore (6 Aug), while the next seven dates feature more traditional styles blended with folktronic experimentation, courtesy of artists such as Wounded Knee, eagleowl, Meursault and Randan Discotheque.

This new café-based, single-venue venture from young Edinburgh promoters The Gentle Invasion, Tracer Trails and Hollow Heart Parlour promises ‘locally sourced DIY pop and urban folk’. Doesn’t that make it sound like some kind of aural farmer’s market, where only unspoiled and ethically reared acts will flourish? We can only hope, and that it works well enough to come back again.

Scottish Scullery at St John’s Church Hall, 229 7565, 4 & 6 Aug, 7pm, £3.

Pictish Trail

Off-kilter indie-folk from Johnny Lynch.

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