Wearing well - crazy clobber for comedic purposes

This article is from 2008

Mark Allen

Mark Allen

The Pajama Men are not the only ones who are putting on crazy clobber for comedic purposes. Brian Donaldson reveals some other Fringe comics who’ve had a wardrobe malfunction.

The show by Mark Allen is about his uneasy relationship with animals and features, among other things, his attempted infiltration of the Furries, a group of people who dress up as animals for fun and, in some cases, kicks. Allen still owns the huge big furry dog suit that he hired around that time.

On his recent national tour, Sean Lock concluded his act by revealing a Riddler outfit he’d been wearing throughout the second half .

Matt Green once dressed as Baby Spice in a student sketch show during a performance described by some onlookers as ‘most realistic’ .

Rob Crouch of Clarkson & Crouch once had to borrow someone else’s shoes when his own pair went missing before a performance in 2003, only for that cast member to make his entrance in Crouch’s footwear. A stage altercation ens(h)ued .

Paul Kerensa has no fewer than 12 costume changes in this year’s show, at one point donning four layers simultaneously with leather trousers at the bottom .

At last year’s Fringe, the anonymous operator of The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre was a human sweat bucket by the end of an hour’s intense mimicry and hand gestures, so took to wearing a kilt for the remainder of the run . . .

Eric Koller performs a water ballet in string vest and underwear .

Damian Callinan will get down to his pants to simulate sperm-donation before handing a cup to someone in the audience. In a previous performance the whole front row was in fancy dress so he handed the cup to a nun .

In US show Last Comic Standing, Matt Kirshen was made to dress in a jester’s outfit before launching into medieval-themed jokes. Eight million Americans saw him dressed as a fool.