5 Questions - Joanne Brown

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  • 31 July 2008

This article is from 2008

Joanne Brown

Joanne Brown, Director of the Edinburgh Art Festival, takes stock of the programme

  • Five words to describe the Edinburgh Art Festival programme this year
    Wide-ranging, exciting, challenging, colourful, fun.
  • Four aspects of the EAF you’re looking forward to
    Visiting lots of galleries to see the wonderful exhibitions, taking part in our stickcurator project, partying at our expanded Art Late night, and going to the talks for a rare chance to hear the artists discussing their work.
  • Three things you love about the EAF
    It shows the world how amazing Edinburgh galleries and artists are, brings together international artists and new emerging talent in one festival, and it’s a great introduction to the visual arts for people who don’t normally come to galleries.
  • Two things you hate about Edinburgh in August
    Not enough time to see and do everything; it’s all over too soon!
  • One word to describe how you’ll feel when it’s all over

Edinburgh Art Festival

Scotland's largest annual celebration of visual art offers work by the best contemporary Scottish artists as well as exhibitions of the most important international artists and movements of the 20th century and other historical periods.

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