Let's Inherit the Earth (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Let's Inherit the Earth

Dark and satirical take on how humans are reacting to climate change

A well-meaning satire on climate change denial, Let's Inherit the Earth is an old-fashioned piece of agit-prop that mixes angry songs with two contrasting stories on the consequences of global warming. While the rich blame fake news, a group of survivors battle the environment in a world stripped of humans. The songs add angry commentary to the dwindling resources and the characters' accommodation to the new circumstances that suit cockroaches and turtles better than people.

The broad comedy – being a co-production between a Swedish and a Scottish company, the humour is split between Caledonian and Scandinavian jabs – turns Let's Inherit into a romp, with the anger dissolving into funny episodes that are light on information. Dragging in the middle, as the plot becomes ponderous, it mocks both the 1% and their victims in a rough style that never quite earns its tragic finale. The pessimistic message is undermined by the comedy, and there is never a sense of engagement with the nuances of environmentalism.

The script and dramaturgy hark back to the political ceilidh play format of 7:84, and the broad caricatures mock the naivety of the characters, leaving the sometimes jaunty playfulness of the exchanges uncomfortable against the seriousness of the message.

Touring across Scotland through Oct & Nov. Reviewed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Let's Inherit the Earth

  • 2 stars

Dark, funny, absurdist take on human responses to climate change.