Marcus Brigstocke – Devil May Care (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Marcus Brigstocke: Devil May Care

The devil has the best jokes as an unlikely Satan walks among us

You certainly can't fault Marcus Brigstocke for the commitment he's making to his new show, Devil May Care. Inhabiting the character of none other than Lucifer, he's sidestepped any notion that the devil can walk among us unnoticed and gone for the horned and scorched-face look. Not only will he be spending an inordinate amount of time in make-up for this, you'd imagine it would make for quite an uncomfortable period under the hot stage lights (maybe feeling the heat helps him get into the role?).

Once on stage and with his audience realising that the show poster is no mere gimmick, Brigstocke quickly gets everyone on board by pretty much doing the kind of set you'd expect from a liberal-left satirist of his quality. With tyrants in seats of power across the globe and previously united communities tearing themselves apart with their opinions, Marcus / Lucifer wields incisive wit against those deserving of it, whether it's the politicians or media moguls as well as the likes of Oxfam, Germaine Greer, novelty marathon runners, and dachshunds.

Adopting a raspy voice that is presumably what the comic thinks Satan would sound like, Brigstocke leaves almost no satirical stone unturned as he attempts to identify the real demons who are running amok.

Marcus Brigstocke: Devil May Care tours from Thursday 6 September–Saturday 1 December. Seen at Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh.

Marcus Brigstocke - Devil May Care

  • 3 stars

A new stand-up show from the multi award-winning comedian who decides it is time to establish, once and for all, what is good and what is bad.