Lucy Frederick: Even More Naked (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Lucy Frederick: Even More Naked

More Fringe pain and trauma are unveiled in front of a captive audience

Apologising for owning a posh voice that is similar to a 'verbal scribble', Lucy Frederick proceeds to deliver a show that sketches out the insecurities and psychological scars that continue to haunt her to this day. She is initially jovial about her appearance in TV programme How to Look Good Naked from a few years back in which Gok Wan and his crew gave Frederick a makeover that she was less than delighted with. The fact that for a number of weeks later, Channel 4 kept running a trailer for the series which included her frank on-screen reaction is arguably the funniest thing in this hour.

An enjoyable performer, Frederick has further tales from the dark recesses of her mind to tell us, as relationship trauma and family grief are just around the corner. The suit of armour that she just about wears in her publicity material is a distinct metaphor for her not entirely successful attempts to protect herself from further hurt. Her simmering anxiety and desperate need to be liked are not uncommon traits within the modern-day stand-up comedian, but it's never easy for an audience to see that pain exposed on stage, never mind be the one laying it out there.

Underbelly Bristo Square, run ended.

Lucy Frederick: Even More Naked

  • 3 stars

Vivienne Smith Management Some years ago, comedian Lucy Frederick appeared in a reality TV show in which she had to get naked. Like, completely naked. No socks or anything. And while that might sound alarming, she's since discovered that actually, there's a far more terrifying way to get your bits and bobs out for other…