Pelican: Fisk (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Pelican: Fisk

credit: Alice Aedy

Trio serve up a smashing tennis comedy

After their acclaimed 2017 hit Cat Man Curse, the trio of Sam Grabiner, Jordan Mitchell and Guy Emanuel have once again concocted a fun-filled narrative drama which is enjoyed as much by themselves as it is by the audience. There can't be many (if any) tennis-themed shows at this year's festival, and the Pelican boys make the most of snaring this niche to serve up an hour of set-pieces which leave an appreciative crowd on its feet at the finale.

In truth, some of the best moments here come through the improvised scenes where the threesome pick up the pieces from their corpsing or in the aftermath of some props falling apart as they tell the tale of a tennis doubles partnership which comes to a brutal end. Some sections do go on a little long, such as the routine where each member swaps water in a rather intimate fashion, and when the trio find themselves in an awkward position high up in umpires' seats. However, there is enough innovation and intrigue here to keep any negativity to a minimum, especially the way in which they perform an actual tennis match, make flesh the rather sinister Tennis Museum, and try to get round their litter picker problem.

Bedlam Theatre, until 27 Aug, 8pm, £8 (£6).

Pelican: Fisk

  • 3 stars

Pelican Brand-new whirlwind comedy by the critically acclaimed Pelican (makers of The Cat Man Curse). Blending surreal narratives with playful and interactive comedy, Fisk is madcap, uplifting and hugely entertaining. Fresh from a run at the Soho Theatre, Pelican’s hotly anticipated follow-up show is not to be missed. 'A…