Marjolein Robertson: It's Time (2 stars)

This article is from 2018

Marjolein Robertson: It's Time

Discussing the past while the future stretches ahead of her

Probably the only female Shetland comic on the Fringe, Marjolein Robertson darkly and amusingly considers what she might do if a regional contender were to muscle in on her territory. For her own part, her second Edinburgh stint merely shows that she has enough work to do in pulling herself up towards the next level. Despite her breathless enthusiasm, there are a few sections here that simply don't work, such as the routine about Bryan Adams' 'Summer of '69' and a long piece of silent acting that confusingly exists purely in and of itself and seemingly not in the search for a decent punchline.

But there is definitely something about Robertson that means she should keep working away at her craft. She is intriguing with her merging of the past and present in the shape of a mythical Shetland troll, while her musings on getting wasted in Amsterdam are not as tired and self-indulgent as the hundreds of stand-ups before her have been on that topic, and she talks drily about the pointlessness of her archaeology degree. Her stilted delivery and nervy performance style need some moulding but for someone who was educated in the ways of the past, there is still the promise of a bright comedy future ahead of her.

Bar Bados Complex, run ended.

Marjolein Robertson: It's Time

  • 2 stars

Marjolein Robertson / PBH's Free Fringe Shetland comedian Marjolein Robertson weaves through time with jokes, anecdotes and storytelling. Intertwining her own life with a traditional Shetland folk tale. 'Marjolein Robertson is a highly promising and delightfully original act' (Jay Richardson, Scotsman). 'Her performance…