Richard Soames: Let's Make a Movie (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Richard Soames: Let's Make a Movie

Amusing and emotional hour about the memory-making process

Film meet comedy meets family drama with an extra spin on audience participation in Richard Soames' endlessly enjoyable hour. We're not just gathered here to listen as a man talks about his early homemade movies; his ambition to somehow unite the past with the present by making a brand new film means that he needs our help to turn that dream into reality. So, among the ensembled punters were suddenly a makeshift grip (and key grip), best boy and sound artists while some acting skills were also pulled out of the bag.

As amusing as they were, the early lo-fi recreations and rehashes of The Matrix and Snakes on a Plane (the minimal budget required a subtle location switch to make it Snakes in a Car) are afforded a beating heart with those grainy boyhood memories of fooling around with video cameras alongside his 'more successful brother' culminating in a delightful conclusion.

Soames might self-critically dub his show as 'a man moving things about for an hour', but there's an emotional thrust behind everything that happens which means that there's no need for any hecklers to cry 'cut!'.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 27 Aug, 3.55pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Richard Soames: Let's Make a Movie

  • 3 stars

Katie Storey Productions One man. One hour. One second hand camcorder. Join 'charming storyteller' ( Richard Soames as he gets the band back together, gives that half-time speech to the peewee hockey team, casts the ring into the fires of The Death Star without crossing the streams and makes an entire movie…