Maz & Bricks (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Maz & Bricks

Patrick Redmond

A broad look at the Irish Repeal

Set against the backdrop of the Repeal the 8th protests in Dublin, Maz (Eva O'Connor) and Bricks (Ciaran O'Brien) meet by chance on a bus. She's a militant pro-choicer, brimming with a fiery anger, and is finishing off the last touches to her banner, whereas he is a seemingly laidback lad not keen on the pro-life stance.

The two-hander, also written by O'Connor, shifts between the pair interacting and internal monologues which are set out lyrically, and share a glimpse into their hidden twisted lives. O'Connor's writing style particularly shines through in these poetic sequences when the wit and inner thoughts of the characters dexterously come to life.

As the action follows them through the landmarks of Dublin, the plot soon spirals dizzyingly fast as these two strangers pour out their personal traumas (sexual abuse, suicide, family issues) at a whiplash-inducing pace. These elements, while moving, feel tossed in as if only to throw emotional punches at the audience. In fact, with these issues at the forefront, the Repeal protests become merely an aside.

The play has commendable aims and the writing and acting show signs of brilliance. However, the nuance of the message is lost within a saturated plot.

Maz & Bricks, Summerhall, until Aug 26, 5.55pm, £12 (£8).

Maz and Bricks by Eva O'Connor

  • 3 stars

Fishamble: The New Play Company. Supported by Culture Ireland Triple Fringe First and Olivier Award-winning Fishamble present Maz and Bricks. It tells the story of two young people who meet over the course of a day in Dublin. Maz is an angry young woman planning to attend a political demonstration, while Bricks is…