Kill the Beast: Director's Cut (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Kill the Beast: Director's Cut

Farcical ghost-comedy from the acclaimed theatre company

Kill the Beast's new ghost-comedy is a farcical and fast-paced production that mocks the drama of 70s horror films while paying homage to their exaggerated pageantry and spirit. Director's Cut amps up the nostalgia, taking us back to a 1970s film set, where the tragic death of lead actress Vivienne Stone has resulted in some frantic reshoots of final scenes with a substitute that may look the part but doesn't exactly nail it.

Naturally, nothing goes quite as planned with demonic possessions, supernatural crises and badly behaved actors getting in the way of tortured director Wallace. The varying characters played by the four actors on stage helps keep the pace of the production up, with each quick-change and sudden entry/exit progressively creating more chaos.

Like other Kill the Beast productions, Director's Cut has the usual dark and goofy humour within the script, but the simple set design and skilled use of technology and props add something memorable to an already ludicrous story. The live footage on the AV screens contributes to the horrific and foreboding nature of the events on the film set, as we bear witness to disappearances and clever illusions that aim to build on the spook factor. This isn't a theatrical masterpiece by any standards, but it never claims to be. Rather, Director's Cut is an hour of furiously silly and over-the-top comedy theatre that allows itself to be ridiculous and revels in the results.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 27 Aug, 6.30pm, £10–£12.50 (£9–£11.50).

Kill the Beast: Director's Cut

  • 4 stars

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