Garrett Millerick: Sunflower (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Garrett Millerick: Sunflower

credit: Matthew Hall

Nitpicking and timewasting raised to a high level of artistry

'I'm not a fun guy,' insists Garrett Millerick all too readily during his excellent new Fringe hour. His amusingly bombastic and stand-offish stage persona, then, sounds like it's fully replicated in real life, a long distance away from the microphone. Still, given the events recounted in Sunflower, Millerick has every right to be a bit of bad company now and then.

Admitting that he'd rather be sitting at home (re)watching Mad Men (season four gets him every time) than doing the kinds of things people would expect of you in polite society, such as going on holiday or eating cake, this 'professional timewaster' wonders whether stand-up comedy is a largely pointless exercise. He's sick of hearing comedians spouting their opinions and if has to ever meet another mixologist during his lifetime, he might well just throw up.

The misanthropic rage and excellent gags come thick and fast during Millerick's show, but the emotional heft arrives in the story of him and his partner going down the path of parenthood. It would be unfair to divulge much of this, and instead just say that he has taken his brand of 'nitpicking misery' to bold new places.

Just the Tonic at The Tron, until 26 Aug, 5pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Garrett Millerick: Sunflower

  • 4 stars

16+ This time last year, Garrett Millerick’s Sunflower was intended to be a 100% pure comedy show with no agendas, no left, no right and no sad stories – a show named after his favourite Beach Boys album and written to contrast the horror of world events. But a brutal rollercoaster of events derailed this plan and Garrett…