Out of Place (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Out of Place

c. Gary Platt

One man and many scenarios

Out of Place is a one-man show of mime and physical theatre, where performer Dichliev Guerassim acts out an endless number of situations, from walking in on his wife and her lover, to a circus show and figuring out how to change a baby.

The show entirely relies on Guerassim's antics, with no particular plot or logical link between the various scenes, the transitions indicated by a change of lights. An uninterrupted and rather loud soundtrack serves to convey different moods, from a James Bond-style sequence to old jazz or a Western tune.

Guerassim's performance is energetic throughout, but displays the same over-exaggerated reactions of surprise, shock and confusion. It is also sometimes difficult to figure out what is happening in a particular scene, and Guerassim's Harpo Marx-like character (down to the costume and hat) ends up acting out the loud soundtrack, rather than using the music as a supporting element of the performance.

Guerassim's onstage presence and dynamic style are however contagious: his wordless interactions with the audience and his mimed babysitting remain highlights of the show. All in all Out of Place remains an enjoyable and entertaining piece of physical theatre.

French Institute, until 27 Aug, times vary, £10 (£8).

Out of Place

  • 3 stars

Guerassim Dichliev Take a man out of his daily routine, throw in a variety of incidents, and he’ll always end up out of place. A comedy without words that speaks volumes, Out of Place is about this ordinary man, who, having opened the door of imagination and poetry, embarks upon an adventure. This man, part-mime…