George Zacharopoulos: Immigrateful (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

George Zacharopoulos: Immigrateful

Relatable comedy in sore need of a breather

Out of the hundreds of flyers that you will probably still be finding in random pockets well after the Fringe is over, there is one face you will definitely not see in them: George Zacharopoulos'. He decided to not promote his show since, in his own words, '95% of Fringe shows fail, and I don't want to fail having tried my best'. There is something about him, however, and a nearly packed room proves he is definitely no failure.

Immigrateful is an entertaining hour mostly about his experiences as a Greek in England. Having spent half of his life in each country, he's developed material that will easily chime with anyone in the same situation, whether it's about racism, white privilege, language mishaps or the elusive concept of 'home'.

He smartly does not alienate the many non-immigrant members of the audience, having started the hour with a quick nationality check. And while his stories about his homophobic father or his mother's insistence that learning the accordion would make him a good doctor are engaging, they feel like long digressions with no true connection to the thread of his set.

Zacharopoulos says he does not want to make Immigrateful about his struggles, but in doing so falls short of having a cohesive show. The speed at which he delivers his material does not help either, and you end the hour feeling as if you had to work for your laughs.

Bar Bados Complex, until 25 Aug, 4.30pm, donations.


  • 3 stars

George Zacharopoulos / PBH's Free Fringe As seen on BBC One. Support for Luisa Omielan and Sophie Willan. George has lived in the UK for as long as he lived in Greece. Is he Greek any more than British? He's just happy to be here! Age category: 16+