Brett Blake: Reckless (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Brett Blake: Reckless

Genial comic plays it safe despite the title

Several times throughout his set, Brett Blake reminds the audience to keep their expectations down: nothing hard-hitting is going to happen here tonight, only dick jokes. It's an accurate self-assessment. For a show-title that suggests risky behaviour, Blake delivers an affable 50 minutes that doesn't push the envelope in terms of content or delivery. Even a visit to a brothel for a free hat is rendered fumblingly adorable, rather than risqué.

Silly jokes about his ultra-competitive father and buying excessive amounts of toilet roll demonstrate a talent for physical comedy, while a running gag about his desire to be recognised from a short-lived TV show gains momentum throughout. More extended anecdotes on botched dates and midday masturbation never quite hit the mark, however, and the set could do with a stronger narrative thread and a bit more structure.

But what Blake lacks in comedic heft, he makes up for in sheer charisma. A game to determine who in the crowd is the most reckless doesn't really go anywhere, but through it he's able to build a rapport with his audience, which carries him through the remainder. His Aussie brand of good cheer is infectious, even when he's laughing off the fact that a gag doesn't land the way he'd hoped: he makes the audience feel as though they're in on the joke, despite it not being the one he'd intended.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 6.30pm, donations.

Brett Blake: Reckless

  • 3 stars

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