Tracy's Leaving Party: Hot Young Things (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Tracy's Leaving Party: Hot Young Things

Silly sketches and chasing dreams make for invigorating set

Maybe it's because we're here on a weekend evening, but it seemed to be the perfect conditions to witness a leaving party. Whether this would have worked quite so well in a less bustling space is tricky to speculate. Riding on the excitement of a busy room, Kat Sadler and Christy Coysh pull out most of the stops in an energetic and viscerally funny show; they even have the awareness to realise that sitting down for some sketches in this particular room might not be the best idea for people further back than, say, row three.

After a musical intro about how difficult it is to put a show together, the pair proceed to display talents that suggest it might come fairly easy to them. An alternative method for counsellors to tackle a client's sadness nestles up against a domestic scene where Coysh takes tooth-brushing to method extremities. Narrative loops running through the show are Sadler's daddy issues and Coysh's ambitions to become a rap sensation (hilarious footage of him pursuing this dream is a highlight) but it acts as a neat counterbalance to the silly sketches rather than overshadowing them.

The female / male double act hasn't fared especially well in recent Fringe times (the Nadia Kamil and John-Luke Roberts Behemoth partnership remains one of the standard-bearers and they packed it in about seven years ago) but the pairing of Sadler and Coysh has the potential to alter that state of affairs.

Just the Tonic at The Grassmarket Centre, until 26 Aug, 9.50pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Tracy's Leaving Party: Hot Young Things

  • 4 stars

Tracy's Leaving Party Christy Coysh (as seen on BBC Three) and Kat Sadler (selected for BBC New Comedy Award 2017) debut their first work-in-progress show. Kat has dreams of quitting her minimum wage job and finally making it. Christy has a beard. Witty, offbeat sketches from exciting up-and-coming comedians and actual…