James Hancox: Sports For The Unsporty (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

James Hancox: Sports For The Unsporty

credit: Rosie Collins

Daft interactive gameshow that benefits from a willing audience

It's surprising that James Hancox gets people on stage given that he's dressed in tiny shorts and moustache, and looking like the PE teacher who all the rumours were about when you were at school. But it's testament to the warmth with which Hancox handles (not literally) his crowd. Good job too, as this paean to all things sport is highly reliant on an audience willing to participate and while they were a little reticent on this quiet-ish afternoon, a handful of heroes are coaxed up. After all, with this being pitched as a gameshow, it was pretty much a running certainty that this would involve audience interaction? You'd think everyone would be willing to have a go unless perhaps those trying to hide at the back with a notepad in hand.

And there's nothing too taxing or humiliating involved here either, just a bit of mime, paddleball, ribbon waving and recycling. Elsewhere Hancox displays his obvious love of a Werther's Original (which constitute most of the prizes: no expense spared there) plus he drops in some suspense with a loaded gun and a bit of nicely incongruous song and dance. There may not be a huge amount of substance here, but it's a whole load of daft, family-friendly fun.

Assembly George Square Theatre, until 26 Aug, 4pm, £11–£12.50 (£10–£11.50)

James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty

  • 3 stars

Sharon Burgess Productions Do you have the heart of an athlete, but the skills of a toddler? Then this is the show for you! James Hancox is rubbish at sports. As a response he's invented his own, and plans to unveil them to the world. Remember, if you can't beat them, just make up a different game and beat them at that…