Silent MacDisco Walking Tours (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Silent MacDisco Walking Tours

A fun and very public walking/dancing experience with a Scottish slant

While Guru Dudu and others attracts those big, cultish packs of headphone-wearing punters you might've spotted boogieing through the streets, I took quite a shine to this smaller-scale variation on the same set-up.

Silent MacDisco might seem like a poor Scottish cousin but has a charm all its own. A participatory audience of no more than 30 meets at the top of Cockburn Street. For the next 45 minutes, led principally by a cute, encouraging young guy and girl, the group wends its way to various well-chosen locations up along and around the Royal Mile.

We also follow a slim but rather sweet romantic narrative (conveyed via hand-held surtitles) embracing both straight and gay love. There's an especially clever use of the 'high road/low road' levels of Victoria Street. The soundtrack, meanwhile, features a familiar shuffle of pop songs bolstered by several Scottish standards.

With an experience like this you pretty much get back what you put in. After overcoming an initial self-consciousness I surrendered to the silly, sweaty fun of it all, including unexpectedly dancing Scottish reels in an oasis-like close. This is a chance to leave a bit of yourself in the centre of Edinburgh, and share in a relaxed everyone's-a-star party vibe.

Outside Who's Who, until 27 Aug, 1pm, £12.

Silent MacDisco Walking Tours

  • 3 stars

MacNelson / MacNeilson Productions Boogie back into the silent era with this glorious mash-up of Charlie Chaplin meets Bee Gees meets Donald Where’s Your Troosers in this interactive tale of love and laughter. We tell the story you do the dancing. See you Jimmy hats and dark glasses recommended! We will be walking on…