Toby Adams: Tongue in My Head (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Toby Adams: Tongue in My Head

Tackling the simple pleasures and the big things

With a quote from Stewart Lee ('a special experience') in his blurb, Toby Adams has a lot to live up, but he manages it. With his incredible command of the English language, Adams is clearly a highly-skilled wordsmith. In his early 50s, he knows what he likes in life as well as what he wants from it, and this show is infused with both. Namely fishing, books, and to be able to poo undisturbed. Modest aims they may be, but the comic expresses them eloquently in this finely structured show.

Liberally peppered with quotes from great leaders and writers, Adams provides the same level of linguistic respect to life's simple pleasures as to the bigger things. He even manages to get philosophical about a trip to the toilet and the joy of finding a reduced-price sandwich from M&S, as well as the shame and disappointment when things don't quite work out how he anticipated. The hyperbolic level of gravitas the incidents are given are delivered deadpan adding to the gag when he suddenly pulls back from the serious note to reveal the punchline. Elsewhere the build-up to his mock bitterness at a young boy who gave him his World's Best Teacher mug layers up pleasingly.

Laughing Horse @ Moriarty's, until 26 Aug, 2.15pm, donations.

Toby Adams – Tongue in My Head

  • 4 stars

Toby Adams A new hour of stand-up. 'A special experience' (Stewart Lee). 'Treat yourself… charming… quiet charisma' ( Is knowledge wisdom? Can the great minds of the past inform our present? How well do you know your neighbours? It's comedy. Honestly. Free entry, voluntary contribution on exit. Age…