Sean Morley: I Apologise for My Recent Behaviour (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Sean Morley: I Apologise for My Recent Behaviour

A messianic display of annoyance and brilliance

The phrase 'anti-comedy' seems to have been put out to seed in recent times, but if anyone is likely to have it reinstated into the lexicon of humour, it's Sean Morley. At the beginning of his hour he's the most impatient audience member in the room, and by the end he's surrounded by his acolytes as he moulds events to have us treating him like a messiah.

I Apologise for My Recent Behaviour is an endlessly inventive show but one that threatens to teeter into calamity at any given moment, providing an injection of jeopardy that jars amusingly when placed beside its inherent lo-fi sensibilities. Pitting the audience against each other, the biggest laughs cascade when Morley 'quarantines' one front-row guest for having too much of a good time. Neatly offsetting that positive vibe, he plays lots of mournful classical music and contemplates the potential for people in the crowd killing themselves later on.

'Am I the only one annoyed by this?' ponders Morley out loud during one patience-testing interlude. Chances are at least a couple of people per show will be completely perplexed as the oddness is ramped up, but a collective feelgood factor sees Sean Morley's distinctive show about anxiety and apologising stagger over the line in just about fine fettle.

Heroes @ Dragonfly, until 26 Aug (not 22), 7.20pm, £5 in advance or donations at the venue.

Sean Morley: I Apologise for My Recent Behaviour

  • 3 stars

Heroes / PWYW Remorseful absurdist Sean Morley plays with guilt, blame, forgiveness and audience expectations in this genre-bending stand-up apology. 'Creative in his outlook and bold with his audience manipulation, creating the sort of encounter you'll talk about for some time afterwards' (Steve Bennett,