Matt and Ollie Are. . . Dads! (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Matt and Ollie Are. . . Dads!

Theatre-comedy show playfully explores the father-son dynamic

The lineage of a cursed family is told in this bizarre, frequently funny theatrical comedy performance, where the message is either 'ditch toxic masculinity' or 'don't trust women'. The show starts and ends with some father and son bonding on a camping trip with the dad regaling his offspring with some history.

Way back in the family's lineage, a Cossack is dissatisfied at his lack of sons while women are 'timid and fragile, only good for reading and mathematics', and certainly not for inflicting massacres. He makes a Faustian pact of sorts, obtaining a legacy of boy-children in exchange for a future of difficult intergenerational relationships.

This is the third play from Of Mice Theatre, and when it works it's very funny. Matt Zeqiri, Oliver Neck and their designer Sarah Thomas craft some strange comic scenarios, worlds that recall – in places – the early Mighty Boosh material or a slightly tamer take on Reeves and Mortimer's surrealism. Their sketches explore the generations that follow the Cossack's deal with the best bits involving strange costumes as a grandfather is transformed into some furniture. It's a playful show from a talented company (Zeqiri is brilliant in all of his scenes) which explores one of the most emotionally complex of relationships.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 27 Aug, 6.35pm, £9–£10, £8–£9.

Matt and Ollie Are… Dads!

  • 3 stars

Of Mice Theatre Fringe debut from the award-winning Of Mice. After a stupid medieval dad makes a bargain with the devil, his descendants must pay a terrible price. Things go from dad to worse for writer/performers – and new fathers – Matt and Ollie in this kaleidoscopic gallop through the history of one awful family. 'A…