Lloyd Langford: Why the Big Face? (3 stars)

This article is from 2018

Lloyd Langford: Why the Big Face?

c. Andy Laing

A relaxed affair in an oppressive space

This chilled-out Welsh comedian has a good few things working to his advantage (his accent being just one of them, as he explains in a bit about trying to communicate with Americans). He manages to find the funny in the oddest, most banal of situations, which is handy when you're doing observational-style comedy about life's weird absurdities. And he can react well to spanners in the works: tonight it doesn't seem to faze him that his room is so packed out, he's let about ten people sit cross-legged up on the stage with him, and has to interrupt proceedings to fix the lighting that's melting and slowly blinding them.

Langford talks about stand-up tour life, and slumming it in a Brummie hotel where he was tempted to take advantage of the bargain-sounding offer of a fiver fine if you (accidentally, or deliberately, he ponders) piddled the bed. He's also got stories about travelling to visit his brother in Japan, or his folks back in Wales where his eccentric dad enjoys collecting strange driftwood animals from a stretch of beach with a chemical plant at one end and a steel works at the other. A lot of Why the Big Face's success is down to his solid turn of phrase and his casual-confident delivery, which makes for silly, amusing storytelling, albeit in a room that's hotter than the sun.

Banshee Labyrinth, until 26 Aug, 10pm, donations.

Lloyd Langford: Why the Big Face?

  • 3 stars

PBJ Management presents Lloyd Langford / PBH's Free Fringe A brand-new and free stand-up show from one of the biggest faces in comedy. May contain jokes about balconies, terror, acid and robins. An early version of this show won the Best Show Award at the 2018 Leicester Comedy Festival. As seen on QI (BBC Two), winner of…