Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo (4 stars)

This article is from 2018

Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo

c. Idil Sukan

Ridiculous and merciless comedy travelogue about a lecherous flashing blade

It might not be quite on a par with The Elvis Dead, the late-night cult hit from 2017, but for pure fun to be had when the last bus has almost reached its terminus, Don Rodolfo is proving difficult to beat this August. The brainwave of Ciarán Dowd (the Irish one from sketch trio BEASTS), there's a Latino touch of the Tony Ferrinos about his creation. An extra dimension to proceedings occurs when it turns out a woman he chats to in the front-row happens to be Spanish, and it puts Dowd temporarily on edge for a few seconds before he turns to his buckling ways with the swash cranked up to 11.

Amusingly letting the fiery Mediterranean patter to drop from time to time with his own Irish accent flickering through, Dowd manages to find humour in words such as 'invincible' and 'genius' as Rodolfo mercilessly mangles the English language. Our hero has a dark side though, as he seems addicted to raising fires as well as hell for his enemies, while he attempts to restrain his frisky horse (the simply and conveniently named Horse). A twist to Rodolfo's tale is delivered as a highly effective coup de grace and after a ridiculous swordplay finale, Dowd sends us off into the dark night feeling a little lighter about the world.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 26 Aug, 10.45pm, £8–£10 (£7–£9).

Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo

  • 4 stars

Ciarán Dowd in association with Hatch Talent Don Rodolfo is a total butthead, a shameless libertine and the greatest swordsman the world has ever seen. The grotesque love child of Don Juan and Don Quixote takes you on a journey through his conquests, his adventures and every stupid thought in his idiot head. Returning to…