Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

This article is from 2018

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

In which we avoid a raspberry death and sport some cool new fringes for the Fringe

The Fringe has arrived full-force, and spirits are flagging at The List. Will we meet all our deadlines? Yes, but only just. Will we make it to the end of the month sanity intact? Doubtful. What is that sobbing sound coming from the loft? Best you didn't ask.

What has kept us going, dear readers, have been your absolute outpouring of glorious bribes. The chocolates and jar of nutella from Diary of an Expat sustained us through some pretty bleak times, and thanks to the British trivia book also enclosed, us List-ers can now tell you exactly how many members are in the Welsh assembly - come face us at the pub quiz, we dare ya. For more Italo-British goodness, go and check out their show at the Underbelly Cowgate until 26 Aug.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

We received an envelope full of organic Norwegian raspberry candies from the wonderful Ingvild Haugstad of Don't Kill Your Darlings, which follows a person who retreats from the world after their soulmate dies from a freak raspberry accident (eek!), and will be playing at ZOO Charteris until 26 Aug. We've also plastered the iron on patches from Djuki Mala all over ourselves, so that we can (hopefully) one day be as freakin' cool as them. Catch these guys in action at Assembly George Square Theatre until 26 Aug.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

The generous people over at Everyone Keeps Broken Pens have single-handedly ended our years-long pens drought with their generous shipment of fluffy and perfectly functioning writing utensils, and we did a collective swoon when Myq Kaplan named a star after us. So romantic. He's over at Underbelly until 26 chatting about the kindness of not committing murder.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

We've also had quite a few colourful guests over, the first of which were the fabulous ladies over from Pamela's Palace. They popped by to give our poor bedraggled souls the ultimate makeover ahead of the festival madness, and clothed our startlingly naked foreheads with the best swatches of synthetic hair no money can buy. Find these bodacious beauticians over at The Principal until 27 Aug.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

Hot on their heels were the drunken bards from Shit-Faced Shakespeare and Shit-Faced Showtime, who made some dubiously ad-hoc cocktails from Buckfast, gin and… meat pies? Their take on Titus Andronicus in cocktail form did not, unfortunately, receive the warmest of welcomes (and trust us, at this point we're desperate for a drink from any vessel – the bottle of Buckfast disappeared alarmingly quickly) but luckily they'll be the ones doing the drinking at their shows on at Underbelly until 27 Aug. Then we got to marry off the lovely Will and Kate from The Wedding Reception, also over at The Principal until 27 Aug. We're still picking the confetti from our hair and our carpet a week later, but by god, love is beautiful.

Big Fat Bribe Blog: Broken pens, shark attacks and a wedding

But then we received the absolute mother lode of bribes, and the office exploded into absolute chaos. Our fearless editor-in-chief / inflatable animal costume model looked incredibly striking as the victim of a great white shark, if we do say so ourselves. Check out Dangerous Giant Animals, a dark comedy about love, sacrifice and disability playing at Underbelly Bristo Square until 26 Aug.

If you're a performer, and you've been inspired by these kind folk, there's still a week left of the Fringe! Please send your own bribe to:

The Keeper of the Bribes
The List
Tweeddale Court
14 High Street

The Wedding Reception

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Dangerous Giant Animals

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Don't Kill Your Darlings

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